Essays on cinematic narrative. The focus is a set of dynamics collected under the concept of folding, a related system of techniques to model agency and causality.

Contrasting the Examples

Published: 13 Mar 2014

Three viewers have radically different movie experiences, depending on the context they bring, the expectations they have, the way their minds work, and what they choose to "see" in the film.

Sally Mindler is interested in objects and believes they have agency in moving the story forward. She has identified a clock and build a governing structure based on that.

Tony Smutzel has an understanding of the (probably dead) wife Catherine as the hidden hand in the film, and the agency in the story is Leonard's escaping her influence.

Grey Singleton is on a completely different page, with Burt and Natalie as the onscreen masters manipulating events by placing Leonard in different spaces to support a drug business.

Any system that structures annotations of films needs to account for the very real phenomenon that different viewers have different film experiences.

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