Essays on cinematic narrative. The focus is a set of dynamics collected under the concept of folding, a related system of techniques to model agency and causality.

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Published: 28 May 2012

This note describes the structure of the notes on important films (the Fours). There is a main note (what you are reading now) and a subnote (what you see collapsed below and named 'Example Annotation.' These two do different jobs.

Why This Film is Important

This main note contains a brief — and very personal — perspective on why the film is considered effective enough to be tagged: “Every cineliterate person should experience this.”

There will be a link in this location to the comment on for this film.

Folding Dynamics

The main note is also the connection with the essays on folding and related ideas. The text will likely be economical, and note — for example — that the film has a film within where the making of that inner film conveys some information about how the filmmaker places the viewer.

Several such dynamics may be outlined, each linked to the essay on that dynamic. In turn, the essay is likely to mention this film as an example (supposing it to be a good example) and will link back.

Another Location

A copy of this main note — just this part without the Example Annotation subnote — is placed in the 'Films' area which has similar but less well developed notes on folding examples with lesser Tedg ratings. I believe that will confound the Disqus comment system; comments here will not be reflected there.

Example Annotation

How the annotations on Fours are structured.

Whereas the main note (the text above) is designed to be concise and link to the essays and the comment, this subnote will be wordy.

It will contain a synopsis of the film in some detail. The utility of this will not seem apparent at first.

We are building an experimental modeling system that should formally capture some of the narrative dynamics of the film, including the folding dynamics — and diagrammatically display them.

To save time, I have solicited synopses from collaborators.

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