Essays on cinematic narrative. The focus is a set of dynamics collected under the concept of folding, a related system of techniques to model agency and causality.


Published: 17 May 2015

This is one section in a larger website. Get to it here by, or by clicking the three-line glyph anywhere in the site. As I add essays to this area, I will post in the filmsfolded area of the blog. The blog has an RSS feed and you can be notified that way. Alternatively, the RSS message also goes to my contacts at Twitter and LinkedIn.

The essays have a table of contents over on the right of the page. Hovering over these entries will give some additional information.

Your Feedback

I’ve started putting material on the site with the notion that everything is tentative. I have delayed putting anything up for so long because I had hoped to have it ready enough. The strategy now is that some essays will have mere placeholders. Others will have some notes or an incomplete start.

The method is mostly bottom-up and I hope to build from examples. This has become very labor intensive in a couple ways, so I’ll just start.

I’ll be depending on feedback. You can do this in any of three ways:

  •  Email me directly. Probably the tedg filmsfolded address is best.
  • Use the comment area here. It is supported by Disqus and could be useful.
  • Join the redframer advisors forum.

The first of these is okay, though allow the possibility I will not respond. I will try to be good about the comments; the Disqus system seems easy.

The redframer advisors forum is for prospective users of redframer to guide the interface and utility of the service. We won’t be directly discussing folding there, or any cinematic qualities except in the context of how we might support them.

Interface Experiments

Some presentation experiments you can expect.

The design of the site has a few goals and we may as well be explicit about them.

I wanted the site to be clean and informative. You won’t find silly pictures here to make things engaging. It should load quickly in part because the pages are static. There is no database calling up and assembling them; all that is done ahead of time.

A goal is to allow you to be focused in one area and somehow get a feel for what surrounds it. We use the outliner paradigm, popup teasertext and expandable items.

The expandables are of three types:


media (images and video)

what I call parentheticals

How these are managed will likely evolve. So the content and the presentation of the content will both be evolving.

Another goal is to explore some of these conventions as a sort of lightweight sandbox for the text-centric area of redframer. (In redframer we have two presentations: film-centric with text appended and text-centric with media appended.)

Most experimentation will be with parentheticals, and some with types of media.

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